Screens in the Nave – creating a solution

A great deal of our work is spent in buildings and locations where our work needs to be both discreet yet at the cutting edge of technology, easy to upgrade and move around dependent on occasion.

Author: Buz Ross   |   Date: 9th May 2017

This definitely fits the work we have just completed at Westminster Abbey. We’ve just fitted four 65″ LED screens in the nave of the Abbey, this is to enable the congregation to feel more involved with the elements that they would not normally have a full view of, so, for example, they now view live footage from the high altar and pulpit and the choir.

One of our challenges for this project is that the Abbey is not just any building, it is a World Heritage Site as recognised by the United Nations, so drilling into the pillars is not something we could or would want to do. Also, the screens are not a permanent fixture, they can be taken down and moved if required, so if moved there could be no trace of them.

To overcome this challenge, we designed and built a series of clamps to attach to the pillars without causing any damage, with the clamps still being strong enough to hold the weight of the screens.
The clamps enable us to attach the screens and when required remove or move them, and you would never know that the screen or clamps had been there.


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