Support & Maintenance

Our maintenance plans are geared to providing you with lasting peace of mind through a programme of hardware servicing and software updates, and aim to deliver a valuable return on your investment.

Your new AV system should provide a quality experience throughout its life. However, as with any complex electronic equipment, it should be regularly maintained to ensure peak performance and a long lasting return on your investment. We ensure that all technology involved is properly integrated to avoid failure or loss of function during regular operational use.

Maintenance Packages

Packages range from an annual health check with telephone support to perform routine maintenance through to much more detailed services, which depending on your needs these could include a fully managed service with guaranteed 24 hour on-site engineer response. Annual maintenance inspections include system firmware updates, testing of every component and review of the latest operational and security protocols. Remote monitoring allows us to periodically review system parameters, including rack temperature, and check the software running on certain equipment such as signal processors, and even make specific changes such as a remote reboot. Through this proactive approach we can identify and rectify many issues early on before they become operational problems. As you would expect we work with your internal teams to ensure that inspections take place with minimal impact on your day to day business. Experience tells us that reported problems can be the result of user error or by not following best practice, or by not using equipment in the way that the initial design intended, potentially causing hardware damage. Therefore we encourage ongoing staff training to ensure minimum down time and promote the best possible user experience, while having our friendly support team on hand offers invaluable comfort and reassurance.

Engineers and Technicians

The use of our maintenance and support packages will enable you to have complete confidence in our service and solutions, giving you the option to continually adapt the system to your changing requirements. We can also offer maintenance packages to cover systems not supplied or installed by Whitwam AVI, in which case we can still help you so please get in touch to discuss your current system and arrange an initial health check survey with our specialist maintenance engineers.

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