Support & Maintenance

Design and installation are the initial stages for a new system, to deliver everything you need, our maintenance plans give you a full return on the investment.

The system should provide a quality experience for all users throughout its life. With this in mind, it should be maintained regularly to ensure peak performance, completing the circle of your solution.

We know and understand that all systems need ongoing maintenance. We ensure that the integration of the technology involved keeps to the same high standard without fear of failure or loss of function during regular operational use.

When we install our systems, we offer maintenance packages tailored to suit the needs of your venue, system and requirements.

Maintenance Packages

The packages can range from an annual health check with telephone support where we perform maintenance to ensure ongoing successful use of the system through to much more complicated packages.

Depending on your needs this could include a fully managed service with a guaranteed on-site response from one of our engineers within 24 hours.

As part of any of our annual maintenance inspections, we will update the system firmware, test every component and maintain the configuration with the latest operational and security protocols. We can identify and rectify many issues early before they become a problem operationally.

As and when required we will work with your internal teams to ensure that this takes place with as little impact on your day to day business.

In our experience, many of the reported problems are based on user error and by not following best practice, having our friendly support team on hand offers comfort and reassurance.

We can provide continued training and support to your team to ensure that they are kept up to date with updates and the best user experience.

However, we also find equipment and technology not being used in the way the initial design and integration considered. Such use can impair and can potentially cause damage to hardware. To avoid such situations arising we can work with you to make updates and changes to maximise the use of your installed equipment.

Engineers and Technicians

By using our maintenance and support packages, our experienced engineers and technicians will enable you to have complete confidence in our service and solutions. Using our packages lets you to continually adapt the system to your changing requirements.

If you are interested in our maintenance packages but do not have one of our systems installed, we are available to help you. Please get in touch with us to discuss your current system and arrange an initial health check survey.

Dan is our specialist maintenance engineer and works with the rest of our team on specific issues as and when required. You can find out more about Dan and the rest of our team on our Meet the Team page.

We’re proud to now be a member of InfoComm International, they are the trade association representing the professional audiovisual and information communications industries worldwide, please visit our news page for more details of our membership.

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