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Why be invited to one Royal Wedding when you can go to two in one year!

Author: Buz Ross   |   Date: 15th October 2018

On Friday we attended our second of the year at St. Georges Chapel in Windsor, this time for the wedding of Princess Eugenie to Jack Brooksbank.
With the chapel looking stunning, but maybe a little less sunny, and a little more breezy, Andy and Ray took to their posts to ensure the quality of sound both inside and outside.

Throughout the week we attended the site to work with the external teams adding additional lighting, seating, flowers and all those things which are needed for an event of this size and scope. Working in many historic houses of worship, such as Winchester Cathedral and Westminster Abbey, we are used to maximising our systems for special or unusual events.

As before we had to ensure that the audio for the wedding would be clear and detailed clarity for everyone within the chapel, the people outside the chapel and in the grounds, and suitable for broadcast to externally too.

Once again our system and solution, plus years of experience, ensuring that the audio for the event was heard perfectly in every location.

Andy and Ray were very pleased with how the day went, they appreciated cooler conditions to be working in and Ray didn’t get blown away or get wet, so a great day all round!

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